Monday can go sit on a cactus


Hi everyone!

These past couple of weeks have been crazy trying to get settled here in Sacramento, California(!!!!!). In attempt to make our tiny home feel a little homier, I have been trying come up with new creative and budget friendly ideas to decorate and avoid making our house look like a college dorm room.

I have always wanted to jump on the succulent trend but I never got around to doing so until this past weekend! Succulents are a cute way to bring the outside indoors and they’re also an inexpensive way to add a little interest into the home. I decided to plant my own to make them a coffee table centerpiece. Home depot has a large selection of small succulents and cacti which made it very hard to choose which ones I wanted to take home. I finally picked out three that I liked and the next step was to find pots for them.

Dollar tree or Dollar General are both great places to look for glass containers for your succulents, I was able to find 3 for $3. Soil can be bought at Home Depot, Lowes or any other gardening/ landscape store. Another great option is to be really cheap like me & dig it out of the ground (for free). I chose to put white stones into mine but any color will look great! I also got these out of my backyard but they’re sold at Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree & Home Depot.

Step 1// Purchase Succulents, containers, soil, & stones

Step 2// Remove succulents from their plastic containers & fill the new containers with soil.

Step 3// Moisten the soil and make a small indent in the middle to put the root of the plant into it.

Step 4// Once the succulent is in it’s new container, start to put the stones around the outside of the glass & be patient, it takes a while to get them placed where you want them to be.

Tip:: Be careful when doing this with a cactus- they’re actually really prickly!!!

Step 5// Enjoy your new succulent décor! Don’t forget to mist them once a week to keep the soil moist!

Here’s to hoping I can keep mine alive!


Claire Marie

One thought on “Monday can go sit on a cactus

  1. Just read everything you have so far but especially enjoyed this one 😉 I love and miss you lots! So proud of you for doin the damn thang out in cali!
    Love ya lots ❤


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