Tips & tricks on traveling abroad to the fabulous Milan, Italy

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I just wanted to share a couple tips & tricks on things to do before going to Europe and traveling to Milan, Italy. I’ve included the place we stayed & most of the things we did with some quick reviews on them! Hope you enjoy!

Before Boarding the Plane:

  • Passport// You can’t get on the plane without one so make sure you know where yours is and the expiration date on it! I recommend making multiple copies of your passport, license, health insurance and all credit cards. I always keep one copy in my checked suitcase, carry on, and I leave one at home! This is good to do just in case something were to happen to your wallet or your passport, it will make it easier to do everything in case of an emergency!
  • Cell Service// Most of the places you will be staying at will have free wifi but it’s always helpful having wifi/ service when you are out and about exploring in order to be able to use your Maps app on your phone. We used a device called Skyroam. It was A M A Z I N G!! If you are planning on traveling abroad, I highly recommend looking into Skyroam. We paid $130 in total for 11 days to rent it for our whole trip. In comparison to Verizon, we would have each had to pay $110 each so Skyroam saved us $67 each. Basically, you can connect 5 devices to Skyroam & it serves as a hotspot for your phone so you have wifi access anywhere you are. This was a lifesaver when we had wandered just a little too far and needed to use our Maps to get back to our hotel! It was awesome!
  • Money// Exchange your money for Euros prior to your trip. We waited too long and we had to get Euros out at the ATL airport but it was a necessity because you will need them for Taxis and any emergencies once you arrive in Europe.


Milan, Italy

  • Airport to Hotel// We flew from ATL to MXP and our hotel was in the city center about 30 minutes away from the airport. In Milan there is a fixed taxi rate to ride from the MXP airport to the city center and it is We weren’t aware of this fee but it was something we had to do so next time we were prepared!
  • Our Hotel// We stayed at the Roommates Hotel Guilia. It was the best hotel I have ever stayed at! The lobby was so chic and it was only a stones throw away from the Duomo. The staff was so nice and helpful & the complimentary breakfast was to die for. Our room was fabulous, clean, and so comfortable. I cannot say enough about how amazing it was! I highly recommend staying there!
  • Shopping// Milan has the best shopping as it should because it is a fashion capital. Our hotel was right next to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and all of the fabuous shopping places. Everywhere you turn there is a different store & you definitely will get your H&M & Zara fill (they’re everywhere!!!)
  • The Duomo// You can’t go to Milan and not go inside of the Duomo. We went around 9am on a Sunday and did not buy our tickets beforehand and it was fine because we only waited in line for tickets for 15 minutes. The inside of the Duomo was breathtaking and there was mass going on at the time and it was a cool experience. Make sure to dress appropriately because they will turn you away if your shoulders/knees are showing. While admiring the outside of the Duomo, there will be pigeons everywhere and there are people trying to hand you bird food (avoid these people!!! They expect money & if you take the bird food, you will be engulfed with pigeons!!!)

Overall, Milan was a great start to our trip, it is not as fast paced as Rome or some of the other bigger cities. We were able to warm up to the idea of pizza, prosecco, and gelato at every meal quite quickly in Milan! The views and the food did not disappoint!


Claire Marie

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