Cali State Fair 🎡

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Hi All!

The California State Fair just left town but not before we were able to stop by! We heard that Smashmouth (the inner kindergarten, Shrek loving me was screaming) was headlining the performances for the night so we just had to go. It was convenient for us because the state fair was in Sacramento and I was excited to check out it out because I had never been to one before! It is definitely much bigger than the county fair that I use to go to when I was younger.

The first thing we encountered when we got through the gates was the ginormous “food court” full of all of the fried food, tacos, and desserts you could dream of. We decided it was best to go ride the rides before stuffing our faces on the enticing fair food. It was like a million degrees outside and we thought we might be melting. It probably wasn’t our best idea to go during the hottest part of the day when the fair is all on asphalt. By the time we finally got to the area with the rides, we were riding them for the wind and relief from the heat. We had to ride the Ferris wheel, the swings, and the zip line that they had going from one part of the park to the other.

After we rode all of the rides we went and got a beer to sit and cool off from the heat. We had around 30 minutes until Smashmouth was coming on to perform so we just took that time to chill in the area with the fans and misters (it was much needed, I was legit melting). As expected, Smashmouth was amazing and just like I remembered from the late 90’s/early 2000’s. We had worked up quite the appetite and that called for avocado feta fries and fried oreos & they did not disappoint! On our way out we passed a photobooth area and we had to do it! Overall, the fair was so fun & I am already looking forward to attending next year!



Claire Marie



Top// Amuse Society

Skirt// Forever 21

Shoes// Steve Madden

Bag// Rebecca Minkoff

Sunglasses// Rayban


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