Where ya @ Fall?!

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Okay so who's been watching Bachelor in Paradise?! I didn't really get into Rachaels season mainly because I was busy with moving and working so I'm not too familiar with all of the guys from her season that are on Paradise. I am an avid Paradise watcher & it is seriously addicting but I am seriously done with hearing about Corinne & Demario, anyone else? Also, I am so annoyed with Dean- I loved him and Kristina but she def deserves someone better. I cannot get enough of Alexis, ever since Nick's season she has cracked me up- she's probably my favorite on the show along with Raven. Also, Danielle & Wells?!? Could she be any more boring?! But who am I to judge? I'm currently sitting here watching One Tree Hill & eating Oreo ice cream (completely ruining my Orange Theory workout from earlier). What do you all think of this season?!

I am so ready for this super hot weather to make it's way out. I don't know how much more of this 98 degree weather I can handle- but from what I can tell, it's going to be a while before it makes it's exit. So, for now, I am forced to pretend it's a little cooler and wear transitional pieces! This oriental silk Kimono from Forever 21 is seriously my new fav layering piece & it's under $20!!! it looks so cute with shorts (so it's perfect for really hot weather). I paired it with a basic T but it also looks so cute with a graphic underneath! I also just got these super cute TopShop studded booties from Nordstrom Rack for NINE DOLLARS! They are going to be a staple piece for me this fall for sure. What pieces are you all looking forward to wearing this fall?!



Claire Marie

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